SM wheel/setup help... lots of q's

hello! just picked up a used drz, so i'm psyched! i scored some ktm SM wheels, as i understand they'll fit w/o too much of a fuss (i can machine my own spacers no problem). anything in particular i should pay attention to? i'll probably go for the ebc 320 rotor kit... should i anticipate any problems ordering a ktm rotor with a drz caliper bracket(assuming the ktm and drz caliper brackets are different)? any good baseline SM geometry (fork height, etc)? will a 160 rear be ok clearance wise (so i can swap tires with my sv)? should i run out and get new fork springs? i plan on using it as a streetbike with the odd trackday thrown in... unless i like it so much that i'm forced to sell my SV650 superbike. i might be interested in selling my oem rims/tires/rotor as a package if anyone's interested. i'd love to be able to swap back and forth, but i'm on a budget and need to sell stuff in order to get it into SM trim. thanks in advance!


Ya a 320mm KTM disc with an RM / DRZ caliper Relocation bracket should do the trick....

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