Ignition module failure anyone?

This past weekend my XR started hiccuping and fussing up a storm, it would not rev over 1/4 throttle. I checked and replaced the plug, thinking either fouled or cracked insulator (was neither). Checked valves, spot on. Checked vent line and gas lines, ok. Checked wiring harness ground and all connectors. Everything seems ok. Which leads me to two areas.

1. Ignition Coil

2. Ignition module

3. Stator? (A long shot. I have all the lighting hardware removed from the bike.)

I ordered a new ignition coil since they are only $55, and praying that will fix it. If not....

Has anyone had either of the things listed above cause your bike problems as I've described?

What XR do you have?

1994 XR250R

I wonder also if the CDI unit is the same thing as the Ignition module? Or are they completely different?

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