Sitting and Jumping

Thats supercross jumps and thats a whole differnt style of jumping a bike. So if your going to your local motocross track and are sitting down in the air over 30 foot tables you will look like a squid.

Cool, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I had it right. Wonder why they sit like that???

like i said, differnt style of jumping. its to stay lower

The sitting you are referring to is a way to fly a flatter trajectory through the air. When you leave the ground, you are standing. Just before the bike leaves the lip of the jump, you try to absorb some of the upward momentum by bending your legs at the take-off. It's the same movement a skier does when they absorb a bump with their legs to keep from flying to high or far. If you've ever jumped on a trampoline, this same movement is used to stop yourself from bouncing when you want to get off. On a bike, the movement causes your body to fly a slightly flatter trajectory than the bike through the air. It also takes some of your weight of the bike, which softens the suspension a little. This allows the bike's suspension to absorb the lip of the jump rather than rebounding higher into the air.

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