Re-jetting? 3x3? Buy this...

Since, I'm told, the Dyno-Jet kit is sold also as the K&N kit, the Moose kit, etc., etc., they being all the same, I would suggest you visit and purchase the K&N kit for $44 versus the Dyno-Jet kit for $55 to $60. Don't know if the TT Store handles the K&N but it's worth a shot. You may as well save $15 or so for other things. TT Store carries the Mikuni main jets and 25 pilot jet for a few $ each. :naughty:

I saw in an earlier thread that someone said this, just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and ordered it. Checked RockyMountain just now- they are however out of stock on the k & n jet kit right now- anyone know if TT carries it as well, you know, to try and support the website that has given me tons of info.

No, but they do have the DJ kit..and might match to the k&n since it is the exact same kit and part # on RMMC. Email brian and ask.

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