05wr450 vs 05crf450x

I'm looking for a new off road bike and the wife said I can get a new one, I just wanted to see your opinions on these two bikes. (reliability,comfort and handling)

Crew Blue! :naughty:

dirt rider rated them about equal on there 24 hour test. they said the wr would be the big news today if it hadnt been out for 6 or 7 years now.

well the price is sure to be a concern. "procycleusa.com" out the door on the 2005 honda crf450x is $6364.00 and for the yamaha 2005 wr450f out the door at $5964.00. they have about the best price on all bikes thats where i buy mine and my 4 kids at. also the honda is rated to be the most comfortable of the big 4-strokes. honda does not seem to have any mods done to it while the yamaha does require some simple mods which are "free" and lets you get your hands into the bike. i personally perfer the yamaha or the honda. the wr's have a "long" history of being able to get you there and back for years to come, while the honda 05450x, this will be the 1st year for the all new motor design. hope this helps.

Do yourself a favor and read up on the CRF forums and on the YZ/WR forums.

Im sure you will come to a logical conclusion.

(its a no brainer)

Either bike will treat you right, you can't make a wrong choice. But, you should check out the 450EXC aswell... A lot guys love that bike.. :naughty:

Did you see the may issue of Dirt Bike? "450cc enduro shoot out"

1. KTM 450 EXC - by only a hair $7289.00

2. Yamaha WR 450f - a close second $6599.00

3. Honda CRF 450x - feels heavy, doesn't carry it's weight as well

as the KTM or the Yamaha $6999.00

Husky TE450 - fastest, most torque, slowest revving, heaviest $6899.00

I didn't get to read the shootout in dirtbike magazine yet. I read the shootout in dirtrider and it was pretty informative, but I don't know if I really trust the magazines. Thats why I ask you guys because your more honest than the magazines. :naughty:

Yamaha still has the best reliability unless honda has done something significant with the valves.


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