After Market Cams

I plan on purchasing some cams for my CRF but wasn't sure about all the options I have. I know that Hot Cams makes good ones but I am sure that there are plenty of other really good brands out there that I don't know about. So my question is what are some other brand of cams that will achieve desireable results. Also is it possible to get an all around power gain or will I lose top end for bottom end?

The reason I used a hot cam is because they use billets, not weld then regrinds....

I plan on purchasing some cams for my CRF...

Are you planning on purchasing more than one? :naughty:

Well aftermarket as far as I know there are HotCams, Web Cams and Crower. Where you get your power (top, mid, low) all depends on lift and duration. Soem cams will give you more power everywhere some wont. It all depends what you want. HotCams only offers one grind currently, where as I believe Crower has 3 or 4 different cams available to suit your needs. Dont forget that RHC is going to be developing a cam tha will prolly be hottttt when it comes out.

I went with the g4 Crower cam and love it. Crower also did head work at the same time and this motor ROCKS! More power everywhere and revs to the moon. Before I chose Crower, I called Hotcams and they told me to expect low to mid gains with their cam. If you are chosing based on billet vs. welded, don't be affraid of welded it's been done for many years. :naughty:

Who's Crower? Do they have a website?

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