'82 XL500R Carb Question

I just went through my carb for my '82 Honda XL500R. I think I may have lost the wire clip that connects the float valve to the float. I kept all the parts in a tray during disassembly, so I'm pretty sure I didn't lose anything. I've never seen a carb that didn't have some sort of clip for this purpose. The parts fisch and my clymer book don't clearly show that part (they do for other models), and I'm wondering if such a clip is even used on this particular carb. There has to be some sort of way to make float height adjustment, though.

If any of you guys know the deal on these carbs, please let me know.

I aquired this old project bike last March, as some of you may remember. It took a while to gather the parts I needed, and only recently got some free time to put them together. I got the engine buttoned-up, and installed in the frame (What a heavy mother!). I just want to figure out this carb - float - thing, hang the remaining parts on, and fire her up! Thanks to everyone for all the help so far!

I have a 82 xl500R and there IS a clip that the float valve slides over the float tab.

My float is plastic and there is no way to adjust it. It'll break if you bend the tab. I think if you order a new float valve, it should come with the clip.

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