Might have saved my life...?

Unfortunately... I recently hit tree at high speeds on my wr450. Fortunately...I was wearing my EVS neckbrace. My head and neck hit very hard. I always felt a bit like a old grandpa with my neck roll, but I can honestly say it could have saved my life, or at least me ability to walk. Just a thought from someone who walked away........I think the $39 cost is probably my least expensive protective gear...but probably only second on the list behind my helmet!!!

Glad to hear you're O.K. and were wearing the right gear. How did you come about hitting a tree and since you are O.K. - How did the Thumper hold up? Ride Safe!!


Thanks....it was a "Come to Jesus" for sure! Broke my helmet, bent my bars..even w/ guards riped off left radiator and broke my head light!!

I was going a bit fast and jumped into a creek, about 10-12 feet down. I thought I would wheelie down the bank but I was carrying more speed than I thought. I flew off the top and hit the bottom and landed on a rock, about a bowling ball sized rock and the bike bounced into a tree to my right. The whole thing took about .000004 of a second! I am 39 with 3 kids..time to have fun and not act like I did when I was a kid. The ol reflex's are not what they used to be!

It's amazing what I won't do on my bike now that I am 42!! Crashing hurts :naughty::naughty:

Wow i hit a tree to in my woods and i hit hard and only broke my viser and tag bars.

Wow, I have a neck roll too, but have never used it on the trails yet. Might have to reconsider. :naughty::naughty:

How does a neckroll act? I mean, based on what you guys say, it does not seem like it's just a pad for the neck... right? :naughty:

The EVS I use, I do not attach it to my chest protector...just sits around my neck. Although you can attach it, I prefer to just wear it around my neck. Kinda looks like a horse collar. The protector does not allow your neck to go to any extreme position in any direction. At first it seems a bit strange but honestly I totally forget about it now. Kinda like the first time out in new boots...just feels weird but gets to be normal. ALL auto racers use them....I will not ride without one ever again....especially after sustaining a head impact crash without any serious injury. For $39 if you do not like it...give it to a buddy...one you want around a while! :naughty:



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