water seal orientation

so i had a bad water seal and it has turned into a complete disaster. i haven't have this bad of a mechanical mess up on something so simple ever. it is pretty much from a mixture of bad or misinformed people. either way here is my question. when i take of the impellar and i can see the water seal should i be able to see the spring side of the seal of the flat side. maybe there is something in the water in new england but i am getting a 50/50 answer which is driving me nuts and i am pretty sure mine is in backwards hence the brand new one is leaking. so if i could get some feedback on the orientation that would be great, thanks.


The flat side goes into the engine. The spring part should be toward the cover or the impellor. Dont ask anyone else. Just go put it in and ride your bike.

If you just took off the water pump snail (kinda) shaped outer cover and then the impeller and then the copper washer you should then see the seal with the SPRING side facing you. If the shaft has any play then you need to replace the shaft/bearing/oil seal as well.

you have the seal in there correctly, check the water pump shaft, to make sure it is not scarred from the old seal. If so, you can take some 800 or 1000 grit sandpaper and gently smooth it out to save yourself some bucks on the new shaft. I have done this numerous times with success!

i had it in backwards then. well at least these parts are cheap and good thing honda has seperate tranny and engine oil.

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