gettig faster?

i am a 125 C rider on a 05 kx250f. 13 yrs old. had my first race on a big bike sunday 4/17/05 came off of a kx 85 racing 12-13 85cc. im still getting use to the thumper cause its been two weeks that i had it, rode it 5 times cause rain, didnt go to any tracks except my back yard track on the kxf yet. just wonder and tips to go faster, loooking ahead, jumps, staying on the throttle, and just learning the throttle control with a 4stroke

pratice alot plain and simple

Work on your corner speed. We can all go the same speed on the straightaway. Passes are made and races are won by your corner speed. Practice and most of all have FUN.

also for a cardio excercise run? and thats it and no eating after 7pm no soda, what about ice cream?

Ride as often as you can. Also, when you are riding, make the most of it. Don't loaf, push as hard and go as fast as you can.

I also have a 4 stroke and I have a few tips.

1: Don't let off of the gas on the face of a jump like you would on a 2 smoke. If you do the engine braking will slow down the rear wheel and cause it to drop in mid-flight.

2:Don't clutch it out of corners. Insted shift up (if you are carrying enough speed into the corner) and roll it on at the star of the corner. By the time you are exiting the berm, you should be WFO and preparing yourself for the next obstacle.

3: No gas when you are starting it. I know you have heard this about 1000 times, but if you give it any gas you will flood the bike.

4: Ride the bike in the meat of its power. Unlike a 2 smoke, 4 strokes do not liked to be revved to the moon and held there.

5: You can usually get away with a second gear (or even third in the soft stuff) starts.

And most importantly...have fun!

Sorry....that face is suposed to be a "D"

I also have a 4 stroke and I have a few tips.

Yea, on thumpertalk alot of us have 4 strokes..... Haha sorry, I just had to.

dbiker008 posted great info. The only thing is most racing 4 strokes will tolerate being revved out. Dont bounce the bike off the rev limiter all day long but it you hit it every now and then its not the end of the world. On my YZF (i dont have a tach) but I would imagine I normally exit turns with the motor at about 9000-10,000 rpm. So you can ride the 4 stroke up high where it makes the most power just like the two strokes, just as im sure you know its not as crucial that you keep the bike revved to the moon.

Also if your racing at a beginerish level you can sometimes make alot of noise with your bike and people will get out of your way. I have had people let me by thinking I was going to fly past them just because my bike was screaming comming out of a turn or going throught he woops etc.

so not reving it to the "moon" would mean, say your in third in a straight or sumthin, half throttle and hold on it so no engine braking is abosorbing my momentum

basically throttle all the time so the engine braking doesnt really effect except when you need lie a turn

Yea, I agree that hitting your revv limiter is not the end of the world, but he came directly off of a 85 onto a 250F(as did I). From what I can remember of my 85 days, there was no droping below 9000 rpm. Riding like this just isn't great for the 4 stroke engine. The modern day race 250F can tolerate the uper rpms just fine, but why put it up there if most of the power id down low?

Also, if you are a heavy breaker comming into the corners(like me) and tend to bring the rear wheel to a ner stop, consider pulling in the clutch while breakin, but ONLY while breaking. This will eliminate the bike's tendency to stall comming into the berm. I had to learn this the hard way. This might eliminate some of the engine breaking effects, but is that such a bad trade?

And Supafreak, yea that was pretty stupid of me :naughty:. I ride a CRF250R and I love it. I have also ridden a YZF and I found that it didn't come on until a bit later (rpm wise), but I don't see the reason for comming out of a corner so high up.

Another thing, like I said before, if you can shift up before a turn and still have enough momentum comming into it to keep your bike in the meat of its it because it will help you keep you momentum up, carry you into the strait faster, and decrease the engine breaking effect. And one more thing, ALWAYS check your oil levels before you ride. 4 strokes are notorious for burning it.

what kinda riding do you do dbiker008? if mx 125 c b or a?

Right now....C class.

I need a bit more time on my bike. But because I can't drive (15 years old) I can't practice/race as much as I would like to.

cool, what places do you get? i had my first rae 4 17 on a big bike, and the gate was broke and didnt drop and they wouldnt restart the race and the 1st moto was a qualifier for the 2nd since there was so many people there i had to do a constilation race and i was just ripping around not really going hard

Some Tips.

Always braking or accellerating, never coasting.

Brake late, accellerate early.

Never follow. Always take a different line to those in front. Over under or under over.

Remeber the opportunity to pass in the first few corners is better than any other time in the race.

Practice starts over and over. preferably with mates / others.

During practice learn the right techniques. Startout slow when you can do them correct slow then go medium, then after you can do them correct go 80% then 90%. Dont go to race pace until you are profficient at the skill other wise you program your neuromuscular system to do the wrong reflex responses.

When doing skill training practice one corner or one jump over and over, not the whole track. When your doing fitness training you can train the whole track, but dont undo all the good skill training done by overshooting corners ro stacking it.

Good riders get progressively faster by reinforcing the correct techniques over and over until the techniques become automatic. Riders who practice too fast crash and reinforce bad techniques, they will be intermitently fast, but will only occassionally succeed as they crash to often, have to think too much instead of automatic responses.

Never try new things on race day, try new things in practice.

Race at 97-99% not 110%. A crash, injury ruins your day / season. Top riders get to the top through consitency not by winning one race and crashing out the next, or winning one round and dnf the next. Look at Reed this year and how hard his season is going to be simply because he DNF'd.

For a cheap but good guide get the Semics book of tips for $9.99 it is in my opinion better than any video going.

so corners corners corners, and starts right. is it better be in the front then drop back later in the moto then too be back and work your way through? starts whoops corners?

also shouldt you practice harder and see what you can do so in a race you dont experiment and mess yourself up cause you couldnt handle the speed?

Hey mxrider17 at your age and living in Pa you should try and go to one of Garys school's it will do you wonders. At 13 you are in your prime and need to learn the basics from a professional and you will at one weekend there, i have been ther twice everyone that goes gets alot out of it. After you finish there you will always keep remembering the things you were taught and correct yourself, and become a better rider. have fun at the races.

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