01 Yz426 Misfire Hiccup At Cruise

hey hi, new guy here, my street legal yz426 has a misfire when cruisin. about 1/4 throttle no load. throttle response is still excellent, no backfire on decel or bogging. cleaned carb twice. pull choke out when problem happens but it makes no diff. i drive it on the street. could this be normal if im just cruisin with a yz dirt bike? any help please! thanks

Hi, I have the same bike. that motor/carb is tuned for motocross quick revs or something... It doesn't run well at constant rpm. Whenever I ride for a bit down the road to get to another trail, I experience the same thing... a few quick blips gets her properly again. If you want to ride on the road, I suggest getting a bike designed to do so. good luck.

thanks for the input. i did get it fixed over night with the help of an old thread from az426 (thank you). i lifted my needle one groove. it was running to lean. its great now. no more misfire .

by the way, i have a custom yama v-max and an 02 honda750 shadow for the street, but they just dont get the same airtime out of the ditches like my monster 426. our roads here in mn get pretty beat up over the winter too. what can i say, i like to be different. (and chicks dig it)

I noticed a similar miss on mine. Wasn't too worried about it before, but it would be an easy thing to try. :naughty:

Running stock jetting otherwise?

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