your opinions needed

hello all, i know most of you do not like 2 strokes in any way shape or form, but they are cheap and we all know it. so i was wondering if i could get your opinion on this bike:

is there any issues with this model year bike i should know about before taking this ad more seriously? and comments apreated thanks. :naughty:

at the absolute most 2 grand, that could be competitive

I love my 2-stroke!!! besides my XR650 :naughty: Can't wait to see the rin-tin-tin forums added.

I just bought a '01 CR250 this year for $2,700 - more on the high end I would say but I couldn't find anything else for months.

Maybe you want ot check out yours lists with $1600 low retail and $2100 average...

Good luck!!

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