ATK 450 or Husky 250?

Hi, I"m another new guy. I know there is no comparison between the ATK 450 and the husky Te 250 as far as power goes, but these are the two bikes I'm interested in. So my question is can I handle the 450. I have about 10 years riding experience, 5 years of it on a small bikes, and the other 5 on a Kdx 200, so I'm familiar with some what of big bike (230lbs). I haven't ridden in about 5 years ,only occasionally on my cousins KDX. I'll be doing alot of trail riding, and power lines riding in southeastern Mass and also Vermont but no racing at least not yet. I like the ATK alot especially the EFI, It sounds like it's a nice, and reliable system, the less tinkering the better. A 450 sounds like alot of bike, which it could be for what i'm using it for, but the ATK is only $1300 more. I want alot more for a little bit more money.So maybe some one can tell me if I'm getting in over my head with the ATK or that I could deal with It just fine. Thanx

I would stick with the Husky, the atk(cannondale) would not be a consideration for me. I owned the '04 250... nice bike after setup.

I agree with enduro -nut . I rode his Te Husqvarna 250 . It was a real nice bike . The ATK 450 I just don't trust . :naughty:

I have never personally ridden a TE but from what I hear they are nice bikes(am planning on purchasing one actually) However, I have ridden the ATK 450. Let me just say that the thing is Powerful. I pushed it hard and it nearly bit my balls off and handed them to me in a paper sack. Alright, little bit of an exageration but I'm not kidding about the power, and they are smooth too, they are a little on the heavy side but at the bottom of third gear it's 250 something pounds melt like hot butter. I came away from the test ride very happy and I have ridden a lot of bikes in my day. Parts are readily available and all the prior problems with the Cannondale hardware have been fixed. The only thing I would complain about would be the noise, it's frickin loud. Hope that helps broseph...

I owned a Cannondale E440, and did all the reliability mods. I also did a lot of EFI mapping work and some exhaust mods. Anyone who said Cannondales were slow did not know how to tune them. As Zyra said, they are very fast when set up right. One thing they are not is a good woods bike. They are big, with a long feel. They run hot in the woods, and are very uncomfortable in the summer with the hot oil filled frame and header under the seat near your left thigh. The aluminum frame rails take a beating in the rocks and bend even with a skid plate, and you run the risk of cracking the engine case. This would be a big problem for you in New England. The flywheel is light and the bike barks hard when the throttle is opened, and has a lot of compression braking. Very tiring to ride in the woods, definately get the TE250, or a 2-stroke 250 woods bike like a Husky WR or GasGas.

I have owned an CDle E440R now for 2 yrs. ATK has done all the updates and the bike has been bulletproof for the last 18mos. For wood riding I changed the engien MAP and have found it to be really great in the tight stuff. That is what is so great about the EFI system - if you want to go really fast just drop in the go fast Map if you are riding slow drop in the woods Map. You can even buy a system from Optimum that lets you switch the Maps while you are riding (3 different maps). ATK is a really fine compant to do business with as well - fast parts service and real personal attention. They have really brought the Cannondales into the real world - I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

I rode a ATK450 recently and while it seemed to be a fine bike, it handled really funny. I have ridden jap 2 strokes and now have a ktm 400exc. I noticed a huge amount of headshake in the sand. Maybe the bike was setup incorrectly. Very intriguing technology though. The power was fine, strong pull off the bottom and steady mid range.

It must have been set up bad. My 440 was the most stable bike I have ever ridden on faster trails. It would be a good choice for more open western terrain.

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