My first track experence

So yesterday my and my uncle and his friends son hit up Tomahawk MX in Hedgesville, WV. It was a day of riding sponsored by Champion Motorsports of Herndon, VA.

Here are a few videos of the place which I did not make. 2.8MB and 1min long 8MB and 4:30 long (warning, this video may cause whiplash) 17.5MB 6:25 long helmet cam video.

Very nice videos! But, that last one made me a little woozy. Over all very nice!

yea that place was pretty awsome, if you watch the helmet cam video starting at 1:50, you will see the uphill double that i cased on both attempts to clear it. i tried in 3rd gear pinned and in mid 4th and just couldn't get over it:mad:

nice vids.thx,but i couldn't finish the helmet cam one. :naughty:

Great videos man, thanks for putting them up. What a great looking track too. I want to put that on my tracks to ride list!

here is the link to the homepage for the track There are some pretty cool pics in their gallery page and the videos i posted can also be found there.

Its like tapeing a camera to a bobble head. You make me dizzy.

awesome :naughty:

sweet vids!!

And I dig your avatar!!!!!!!!!!!

track looks sweet and has some really nice durt on it. that is what can make a track realyl fun is some nice soil

The first vid is my favorite. This track soil looks nice!

Yea the track does have some nice soil. It has its dry sandyish spots, but on race days im sure its almost perfect.

But it was deffinetly a great first experience and I highly recomend to anyone to give it a visit. Great track for the whole family. :naughty:

Sweet :naughty:

Unfortunately, the dirt in the race day video is pretty much a once in a lifetime event for Tomahawk. Although it's my favorite track within 1.5 hours from me, they really don't do a very good job of maintaining it.

If you haven't been to Mountaineer, check it out. It's a bit more expensive, but it's an awesome track. The owners make their living at it whereas Tomahawk is sort of run by "weekenders". Tomahawk still rocks though!

I liked the first two vids, but I couldn't watch the helmet cam video. Way too nauseating.


The Weez: Yea, I've heard Mountaineer is pretty nice to, but my friend said it has more rocks then Tomahawk. But I actually like the fact that Tomahawk is ran by "weekenders". Makes the atmosphere seem a little more relaxed.

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