play bike

i have an xr 100 that i use for a play bike now. i was just riding it about 5 minutes ago and it realy doesnt have alot of go and the suspension bottoms out over every bump. anyone got any sugestions on suspension mods or engine mods.

my xr 100 i just put spacers in the front forks just pull of caps and put something like a short socket or something that will fit in there about 11/2 inches long, for the back just held down spring and put large washers in the space between the spring and the spring stop, easy to do and is free, cant see why spending big money for aftermarket springs for these bike, itis nice to support the mini bike guys but i can get big air and never bottom out for free, look through forum or search through and you will find all the other mods that can be done to these things

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