Im looking for an XR250 in Australia and found this one. I don't know much about them but to me this bike seems low?

Can you guys tell me anything from looking at a photo? Any help would be great. Nick

Its a JDM, comes with electric starter(so no kickstarter, available as optional). Power is milder as compared to the regular XR250R. Front end is non cartridge, the muffler is longer and baffle is not removable. It comes stock with a metal tank, a nice and expensive digital meter.

XR250L, Looks good!

Just need to paint those header pipes Black with some High temp paint.

How many Kays has it done muzdogg?

It looks like a 2000 model, is that rite?

When you say this bike seems low, what do you mean? Low seat hight? Or low price?

How much do they want for it?

Thanks for the help. Went to check it out today but its already sold. hxr400 it just seemed the rear suspension was saggy? nevermind though. Also it was listed as a 2002 model.

Have found a 2001 model for $AUD4500 and also a 96 model for $AUD3000. The 01 has only done 8000kms, not sure about the 96. What do you think of these prices hxr400? Is it worth $1500 for a 5 years younger bike?

Thanks, Nick

Yes $4500 is a reasonable price of the 01 model. But 3 grand is a little too much for the 96 model.

Is it worth $1500 for a 5 years younger bike? Yes.

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