661 helmet and suomy helmet ?

Can anyone post there thoughts on either of theses helmets? Both look like high qualityjust like some real comments on them Rick

Suomy is an under rated helmet that everybody thinks is some chinese piece of crap becuase it doesnt have a name yet. It has an unbreakable visor and has bettter then snell and dot ratings...it has the british standards rating which exceeds both snell and dot. It has crumple zones on the foam ...very high end helmet and there goal is to rival Arai once there name gets off the ground.

661 helmet is way too small...has a really cool front vent but the way the helmet is shaped makes it a bad helmet in my opinion.

Im in the market for a new helmet and my dealer is trying to push me on the suomy but im set on an arai...but still deciding...Arai's are expensive, real expensive

i'd go with the suomy although the 661 is good. MotoGP riders use them so they must be good. :naughty:

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