Top Speed

I know I am new to TT but what is with all the threads on how fast my bike is? The last time I checked the guy that wins the race isn't the one with the fastest bike.......we aren't drag racers. Or am I wrong?

yeah but drag racing is just so much fun to some of us... wel at least to me!

i love turning down a dirt road and running a buddy to the top speed of the bike... others would rather enjoy racing around a track or at the trails...

to each his own :naughty:

Its a phase.. people don't bother putting one concept into a single thread, or making the threads in the proper forums. Eventually they'll either get bored or chewed out. I personaly like to know the top speed of my bike so i can get an idea of how fast i'm moving overall.. so at least i'm bragging near the right numbers =)

its just a natural thing to race ur buddies for bragging rights. and top speed is a factor in desert racing.

ya know i love drag racing and all but id rather know the torque number so i know if i can take a person on a really bad snotty trail, you can have the most h.p. with RpM cams and not be able to go through a single trail without riding it like a 2 smoke because your constantly trying to "stay on the cam"

Ooh Ooh! I know why they do it. They want to know how fast their bike is. Do you know how fast yours is?

yeah I do 77 the only reason I do know is that my enduro computer records top speed as one of the options...........I still don't see what the point of knowing is even in desert racing, although top speed is important especially on the bomb run knowing the actual speed isn't that necessary. I never knew my actual speed I just regeared depending on the cource.

Sounds like she answered your question, my friend. Glad it wasn't me that asked.

As for her original question, the most competitive racers need to know in some kinds of racing (such as Grand Prix). If you can't reach the speeds of your competition, you are placing yourself at a serious disadvantage.

For most of the people on this board, however, it's irrelevant. Simply a meaningless statistic to argue about.

In the immortal words of Rondo Talbot, "you both really should have known!"

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