battery upgrade

hey ya'll,

ive got a 99 xr250r with the baja conversion kit. i also had them rewind my stator. im planning to upgrade the battery to a larger one. the small battery pack that came with the baja kit doesnt stay charged long and i find i have to rev the engine to get my lights working when i do lots of stop and go riding.

can anyone recomend a larger battery or has anyone upgraded theres? can i use one from a xr250l?? thanx! :naughty:

I use a small 12 volt sealed-lead acid battery, a little bit bigger than a deck of cards for my XR600. It is so small I mounted it in a recess inside the airbox.

It's cheaper than the nicad packs and probably more durable.

thanx looks good, how does it hold up with ur your bike off and the lights on? does it drain in like 30secs?

It is holding up just fine. I can run my taillight (LED) for hours; I have run the headlight & taillight for 15-20 minutes with no problems.

hey steve another quick ?, what do u use to charge it?

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