i was just ridin mine feels kinda week after i get off my wr450. the suspension bottoms out on every bump. anyone got any suggestions on engine and suspension mods.

Hondatrailbikes.com has a 115 kit for xr100's, and you can get some stiff springs for the forks and shock.

I had a big gun exhaust, K&N air filter, and a Al Bakers camshaft on mine. It really opened it up.

I have a Works shock for the xr100 for sale... basically new... one ride... let me know if interested... get me your email and I will send you a pic

What? it feels weak after you get off a 450? The suspension bottoms out? This SURPRISES YOU? pass that over here dude. (holding breath) Oh yeah I see what you mean.

^^^lol. I know right. Its called a 350cc's! anyway, i say get a smaller pit bike (they are more fun) and mod out that.

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