Is this Just the beginning

My son and his buddy...........can you tell by the look in their eyes, what's to come;




This is starting to become really fun!!!

:naughty: they will whoop on you by the time they are 8 :naughty:


Enjoy being the fastest in the family while you still can, I passed my dad up after a year of ridding (I started at 15 though)

I never started that young but when I started I had that same look. Man thats so awsome it makes me glad to see kids riding and keeping on the right path. All i gotta say is good job as a parent

Thats awesome dude, keep it fun for them

Now that is cool!

I got teary eyed looking at those pics...thanks for sharing man... :naughty:

Very Cool!

that would be fun, riding with your kids, maybe God will give my wife and I a child someday, who knows

I know that look, same look my kids get. Very nice pics :naughty::D:naughty::D

They are going to have a ball. :naughty:

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