jets with hot cams??

I have a drz400s and just put the hott cams in and did the air box and jet and base gasket and it just not what it should b so should i go bigger jets or what should i do :naughty:

not what it should be?did you dyno it before and after?

what is the setting your using?pipe?elevation?

yoshy pipe and I'm at about 2,500ft and 4th clip and well i had some one eslse put my jets in but i have them out but i dont no how to read them the one in the middle looks like 155 :naughty:

What jets should I b running?? :naughty:

ok with the stock carb?if so thats the problem.its way rich.

with the 3x3 mod,2500 ft and the yosh pipe you need a 138 main jet

138 ok and thats with the hotcams? :naughty:

yes.the cams will need less fuel.

The idle goes up and down is that cuz :naughty: of the cams

up and down?like the idle isnt steady?

sounds lean at idle.did you use the 25 pilot jet?

ya it goes up and down not much but noticeable but after I road it it stopped.

ahh dont know what should it b, thats the little one rite I'll look

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