Anyone running the #21 Edelbrock needle?

I'm still trying to get the Edfelbrock dialed in on my bike. I have a 2002 XR650R with White Bros header, "E" series pipe with 12 discs, modified airbox side panel, smog block off, UNI filter, and the two pieces inside the airbox have been removed. For some reason my bike likes the #21 needle for mid-top end but I can't get the lower end dialed in. The bottom end feels sluggish but then I lean out the accelerator pump which improves the bottom end but then it bogs. I know it's just me but I do notice the increased power with this carb. I just want to get it right so I don't waste my riding time taking the tank off to get to the needle adjustment.

Anybody here successfully run the #21 needle or higher?

I'm using the 19, that 21 sounds to rich to me........

I would have to second that since my bike has the airbox side cover mod and the uni filter, no smog and the HRC tip. It runs great and the plug looks perfect. You might want to try the 19 needle and see if that makes it run right down low.

I have tried the #19. The mid range and top end is considerably weaker than with the #21. I may just take a (long) roadtrip to Barnums and pay him to dial it in. Perhaps it's time to invest in the suspension setup while I'm there.

He'll dial it in perfectly for you and you'll leave with super plush suspension and all kinds of kool tips :naughty:

its amazing how 'dialed in' Rob can make the bike. the Edelbrock is easy to work on, and once dialed in its da bomb.

(hope i dont get banned for making terrorist threats! :naughty: )

I was able to ride a few hours today. I just couldn't get the #19 to pull hard mid-top end. I ended up with the #21 at 23 clicks and approximately 2 turns on the accelerator pump. Bottom end is much better then before but my stock carb with 70s and 185 main jet still had more bottom end grunt.

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