rmz 450 wheel set

10012031 Just received my wheel and brake set from Factory pro racing . I got them 4 days after placing my order !!!! I can not wait to get them on ... :naughty::naughty:

Do you like the hubs? I am having a set of wheels built with these hubs on the recomendation of the wheel builder.

The hubs fit on the bike just like the stock ones....

mine should be here on friday... then i just have to wait for everything else.



Are you changing bikes? or just wheel sets. I have your tires BTW. i will drop them off either Th or Fri


4 days ? very nice.... is this company in Cali ??

4 days ? very nice.... is this company in Cali ??

Yes, here is their website... www.factoryproracing.com



sounds like good service!

I rode a Rmz450 last week in mx trim and must say i was impressed with it :naughty:

Watch out here on Thumpertalk for a test on the RMZ 450 in Supermoto trim.



just got my wheels in from factoryproracing.com WOW, they are sweet... the behr rims are damn beefy too. great anodizing and finish. cant wait to get my tubeless kit and new tires. great price too, MUCH cheaper than nearly every other place


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