Where the Hell

Is Spring? I wake up this morning to another 3 inches on the ground in Truckee. :naughty: &%$#@! :naughty: Why can't it just be sunny and warm? Bring on the sunny weather. :D

That sucks! I'm itching to see what the Prosser Pits track will look like this year. Hopefully there won't be so much sand in the corners.

Ever since "what's his name" started maintaining the track with his tractor the track has been a little slippery here and there. It's ok though, I'm grateful he has volunteered his time to take a crack at making it a little better. :naughty:

Where do you ride? Know of any fun singletrack?

And its snowing again tonight! :naughty:

So far it's looking good today. At least it's not snowing. :naughty:

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