AMA Rules and the 3X3 mod

If I read the AMA Super Moto rules correctly, you can not run in the Sportsman class with the 3X3 mod. Something about no airbox modifications allowed. Am I reading this correctly? :naughty:

I see there is a track 2 hours from my house (Circleville OH) that is going to run 8 Super Moto races this year and I hate the thought of buying a new air box. :naughty:

is it ama sanctioned?

i highly doubt anyone will care.

I agree with burned, nobody will bother to check the airbox.

If they don’t,, you got some good meaning folks racing with ya. When I was doing that track stuff, ,, when riding the stock class,, we would get protested,, for leaving 100MPH tape on the rear cowl of the RZ,,,,and or the VFR.. Or,, if we forgot to replace a turn signal.. inner fender plastic, ect... after the race,, you would be sure to get a visit from an official.

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh, not worth it.. I Like racing in the dirt much better.. as long as you do not cherry pick,, don't cut the course, and enter the right class for the bike........ it's all good :naughty:

just tape it closed. That would probably be good enough.

Don't worry about it and don't tell anyone about it and you'll have nothing to worry about

I raced my banshee four wheeler for years with the lid off the airbox....they never even questioned it. I guess if someone was to protest or something, they might look into it.

But with the flurry of riders lining up for inspection....They are not about to get that picky with you.

Go race.

yeah... i heard about them racing Supermotos down there... I think its on an old go-kart track.....

I would be interested in watching that....

what part of Ohio do you live in... I live in Columbus

I live in Parkersburg, WV. Across the river from Columbus. I'll be suprised if they run this weekend, even though they are scheduled. There is a chance of snow on Saturday. The wife and I may go check it out anyway.

Woops! Across the river from MARRIETTA.

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