Head Breathers??

I keep seeing these breathers that replace the valve plug on the head. They say it helps the motor spool up. Does this really help? or is it just a bunch of hype?

i was woundering the same thing i have a crf 70.

the rumor is they let the rotor rev faster but thats not really that true. they inrease throttle responce a bit, and they will make your motor last alot longer because theres less pressure on all the gaskets in the head.

Man u guys bought those things man, i made my own for about a few bucks and i think mines better than the store bought ones!

I made mine out of Joker's Cool Caps. I bought the pair and i went to Ace Hardware and got a tap and made my own for about 10 bucks. I have a Big Bore kit and I didn't notice any power gains. I agree with the thing said about the longevity since it does reduce pressure.

I spent $8 to make mine, and i immediatly noticed a difference in throttle response and the motor reved up faster (kinda like you took an ounce off the flywheel or something) Also, you can feel air coming out of the tube, so you KNOW it's releasing excess pressure. In the long run, $8 will be a good investment :naughty: Oh and dont spend 30 bux for the TwoBros one... :naughty:


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