Oil Filter Debris - What's Normal?

I have a '02 WR250F and have searched the forums for some leads with little success. I bought the bike used from a fellow who road only the track and was quite meticulous with maintenance. I road it maybe 12-15 hours after purchase and just struggled through my first oil change and pulled the oil filter, which leads to my question... not knowing how long its been since the last oil filter change, what is, if any, a normal amount of debris or metal 'filings' in the filter? Further, how frequently should it be changed? I read in another forum about every 15 or 16 hours. Can someone help me out?


I have heard that airfilters should be changed after 5 hours and oilfilter after 10 hours.

I have been cleaning and re-oiling my airfilter almost every ride. The oil thing is new to me!

Change your engine oil and filter every 2-3 rides and depending upon your riding conditions (how much dust or sand) you may have to clean your air filter after each ride or after the 3rd or 4th ride. Many TT riders use No Toil air filter oil, cleans up with soap and water.

Thanks for the direction guys. Much appreciated.

I change the oil and "change" the oil filter every 10 hours (I use a Scotts stainless filter, so I clean and reuse it), more or less. Sometimes more often if there's a race, or something.

Air filter entirely depends on conditions, but every 10 at least.

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