Making my 2001 WR426 street legel in Florida

Need info on making my 2001 WR426 street legel in Florida. Some say yes some say no.



Gotta love the weather, but there are some weird laws here. We talked to everyone we could think of to try and get that done with a TTR225. Not in FL.

Take it to another state and get it titled and then transfer the reg and you might get away with it..

and there you have it folks....another reason that FL is a PITA. :naughty:

And I can say that cuz I'm from there. And those same laws are what caused me to get a DRZ-S.

Hey Rick,

From everything I've heard and researched, not tag for the 426 here in FL. Some people have done it, but it is extremely rare. I think there was a thread in the dual sport forum a while back about this.

Bill S.

Thanks so much for the input. This sight is the $hit. What do any of the know about GA. Or N.H.? One is close and my dad lives in thr other. Also has the same name as me.

Wish me luck.

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