Anyone Free to Ride this Friday?

I'm going to skip work this Friday (4/22) and ride somewhere in NorCal -- Foresthill, GT, Stonyford, Greenhorn I don't care. Hell, I'll drive to Nevada if needed. Anyone up for a weekday ride? :naughty:

I'm thinking about FH on Friday,


What time?

Never been to Foresthill before though.Link?

I line in the Sac delta so I'm flexible.

Would be nice to have someone show me the trails.

DRZ400, experienced dirt rider.


I'm meeting up with DomenicWTF at Foresthill's Sugarpine staging area at 9 am friday. you guys are welcome.

Directions, head east on 80 about 25 miles past Sacramento, exit 80 at Foresthill rd in Auburn. Head east on Foresthill road to and through the town of Foresthill ( go 25 when it says 25mph) about 10 miles past FH look for the wood sign on the right that says Sugarpine OHV to the left, take that left then go 6 miles to sugarpine OHV staging area - a wooded parking lot on your left. see ya there about 830 am ready to ride at 9.

it takes about 40 minutes from the freeway to get to the sugarpine left turn.

I have a white Tundra, a red dog and husky Te-510......can't miss me I park right at the entrance to the lot.

I'm going to ride Middle Creek or Cow Mtn. on Friday. PM me if more interested in near coastal areas. Can car pool if coming from the Bay Area.

Okay. I hereby designate April 22 as Red Dirt Friday - Foresthill it is! Consistent with Morning Rider's suggestion, I will be at the Sugarpine staging area at 8:30. I will be the bald guy with the air cooled/kick start motorcycle. :naughty:

Hey guys, I think I'll play hookie Friday too. :naughty:

FH sounds great, I've only been there a couple of times, and I'm way overdue for a ride there. I'll plan on seeing you all there about 8:30. :naughty:

FH it is, come on DVMpete join the crowd for RED Dirt Friday!

I dont have the luxury of calling in sick anymore :naughty:

Have fun guys, grill a weiner for me on the BRP :naughty:

Would ya guys mind a girl hooking up with you at FH on Fri? I'm self-employed and would love to take a day to ride.... weather looks like it's going to ruin riding over the weekend :naughty:

come along Diceygirl. all are welcome. should be a good day for riding.

c you at 830?

come along Diceygirl. all are welcome. should be a good day for riding.

c you at 830?

I'm coming over from Rocklin.... not too long of a haul for me :naughty:

Now we have two posts covering the same ride. jeeez. :naughty:

Skinner and santa - you two coming?

I will be there. :naughty:

Shoot, I'd love to ride FH with you Bob, but have early work commitment tomorrow for a couple hours, then late afternoon commitment in Sonoma County....maybe next time. Maybe I'll try to catch up with you Sat or Sun.


well pete all we can say is ya got to "keep them doggies rollin" rawhide! :naughty:

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