jsut got a dirt bike and live in northern virginia

any people out here? maybe you can show me some nice trails around the area.

congratz on the new bike...hope you find some people to ride with....

If your ever in NY let me know I'll take you out on some trails.

Have fun!

96dr, welcome to TT... Is this your first bike? Unless you know someone with a lot of land there are really no legal places to ride around Warrenton. Most of us drive over an hour to ride.. You may want to try the Cove or if you are a new rider try Southern Maryland ATV Park. Tomahawk is great too, probably the closest to you. Here is a link that may help you out.


Welcome 96er

Which part of NoVA are you in? What are your skills like? I have a couple places...but they are pretty gnarly...not a nice place to play for a newb. You might also check into joining a couple clubs...that's where i get the best info and ride areas.






Ditto on phreakingeek - many clubs have land or are very active in area events. There's a good list of ridinging areas on the nvtr.org site. Many of the links will take you to more links...

the cove in gore va is great

tomohawk motocross park is also a great place to ride

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