Re: Star gear mod

A little while ago I opened up my bike to replace the star gear, only to find that it isn't bad in the first place! So here's a photo in case anyone is interested.. On the left is the original, and on the right is FSW's replacement.


I don't believe the guy I bought the bike off had already done the mod, all the bolts were locked tight as if it was never opened. Perhaps Kawasaki fixed this issue? Has anyone had similiar findings?

BTW, it's a 2001, KLX250-H (Australian model)

No, It has been apart at some stage ..... I have an '05 300 and the star needed modding.

It looks like the one on the left of the photo is what was in your bike. It would appear that the star was modified, but not as much as the FSW model.

Have you had trouble staying in gear? Also, what about the spring? Does it have a dowel or was the end of the spring bent down?

Yes I've had trouble with the gears.. mostly an occasional difficulty in getting up to second from first. It's never suddenly dropped out of a gear, it just occasionally goes to neutral instead of second (when coming from first). There were a couple times I couldn't get it into second at all.. even with 5 or so attempts it wouldn't go up a gear.. in those two situations I had to drop back down to first gear, and then go back up to second gear again - weird one that!

The spring didn't have a dowel on it.. I was going to put the FSW supplied dowel on it, but I found the spring to be too thick for the dowel to fit. I didn't try too hard though.. should it be hard to slip the dowel over the spring?

When I did mine, rather than making a dowel for it, I bent the end of the spring 90 degrees at ~ 1/4" to put more pressure on the spring. You just want to make sure the spring will still touch the part of the case it normally rests on.

As I said in the previous post, looking at the picture it looks like it was modified, but maybe not enough material was removed from the sides.

That may be causing some of the inconsistent shifts.

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