xr250 header

Does anyone know of the top of their head what headers will work for a 91250L? I know the R series from 87-95 will fit but wonder if the older 350 or newer 400 pipes will fit or not. I have the L header but it's a smaller diameter and am having trouble trying to find a larger diameter header for it. :naughty:

Oh, also, anyone got a spare 250 or 350 stock carb laying around. I would like to try the R series carb over my L accelerator pump carb. I think the plunger is going bad on mine.

There are some 250R headers on ebay with a $52 buy it now price. They will be a larger (29mm) diameter than the 250L (25mm?) so you will have to deal with a new muffler but you will have to do that with any replacement except the stock L's. Any time you reduce backpressure with a larger diam header you will lose low end torque and the fine print in the above link tells / warns of that. Of course the larger pipes give you more mid and upper range power since they flow better.


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