230F Disc-brake mod


There are many talented readers out here with the knowledge, tools, or desire to design a rear disk brake mod-kit for our CF230's. We should be able to modify the existing swing arm to accept a rear caliper. The CRF230 is becoming more popular amongst us older riders who would really like to have the advantages of a rear disk brake. Anyone have any thoughts?

The European and Japanese market CRF230's (still called XR's overseas) come equipped from the factory with a rear disc brake.

Know anybody over there that could order up the parts??

I have read previous posts but how are we to get our hands on this option. I'm sure the parts are all available locally if we had a modified swing arm. I sure wish someone like BBR would step up to the challenge.

How bout this for a ready made "bolt on" rear disc setup? :naughty:CRF230Fenduro.jpg

HM, Honda / Montessa (Belgium, Spain and Italy) have this model available in their homeland, but wont sell parts to the US, I tried. Anyone with contacts in these countries???......Karl



So let's put our American ingenuity to work by showing the rest of the world we can do it without their help. If someone would offer a modified swing arm on a exchange basis the rest of the parts necessary could be purchased by the individual off Ebay or a salvage yard.

I doubt they modified the swingarm.

All you need is a hub to mount the disc to, then you just need a caliper carrier that has a hole for the axle and a slot for the brake locater tab that is already welded on the swingarm.

If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will show them, I just completed a rear disc conversion on my CRF150

post you bike on the TT garage. You can upload pics there :naughty:

Thank you for the suggestion, but how do I post my bike on the TT Garage??

Figured out how to post, but now my file is to large and i have to reduce it, now I have to figure this out

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