Cloudy Oil

I have about 275 total miles on my 2004 WR450 and I was draining the oil and out came a cloudy greenish-whiteish liquid. I then poured in a quart of oil and road it around for about 5 minutes and drained the frame again and it looked almost identicle (cloudy, less green). The first oil had one harescramble and practice on it (~50mi) but had sat in the bike all winter. I checked the radiator cap and coolent was right at the cap. I have no idea if the reservior is down or not. I did fall in a shallow creek and stall once during the race. It started right up and I road about 20 more miles. Any ideas?

sucked in green swamp water thru the breather hose from restart in creek. Run the 2 side carb vents to the air box to prevent future stalls in the creek. reroute the breather hose to the airbox if you want to start the bike up in deep water. :naughty: Your bike should be OK after 3 oil changes to get the water out. :naughty:

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