Z Start auto clutch

Hi all, I am looking at picking up a used Auto Clutch and hoping for some input. This one is labeled for the YZ426/450 so it must be fairly new, is there anything wrong with the older models? Anything to look out for on a used one?



Is it a Gen 2 or Gen 3? The Gen 3 is much easier to set up and adjust. Rekluse will upgrade you for about 150.00 if you have the Gen 2. Absolutely beautiful unit.

There is a defferance between the 426 and 450 kits. When I called Rekluse, they said it would cost $50 in parts to convert my yz450f to a yz426f set up. Call Rekluse.... Make sure it fits your application.

Thanks guys,

I called Rekluse and they say they never made any model to fit the 400. This is a Gen 2 and the price is now $199 to convert it to a gen 3.

the Clutch is on e-b-a-y if anyone with a 426 or 450 is interested, do a search for "z start auto clutch" not rekluse,

Auction ends tonight,


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