Yoshimura trs comp

I have a crf250 w/ stock exhaust but its dented now, i was thinking Dr. D next, but i saw the yoshimura trs comp, with a carbon slip cover that looked pretty nice, has anyone ever ran one with there crf250r?

Yes, my son runs that pipe with his crf250. Pipe looks awesome and improves bottom end. We had to cut off the stop tab on the inside of the number panel to get the panel to lay down right. No big deal, except it gets the plastic really hot...so we put some heat reflective tape on the inside of the number panel, and also on the air box.

We don't have th carbon fiber silencer though. That'd be sweet.

i know people that have the yosh pipes, and they are LOUD, good pipes but a bit noisy for my taste

To say the yosh pipe is too loud is not true. If you run the insert it is 96dba. now we can talk about the yamaha's being too loud, oh wait that's the only way the run is if you open them up and run them around 105dba..lol

I have the carbon fiber yosh comp. It runs really nice, and i didn't have to rejet. It's about the same noise level as stock but is a little deeper. The carbon fiber seems to hold up very well Here is a pictures


and my photobucket account for more pictures


te250lover, are you running the R off road?

Another thumbs up!

I use the Yosh ti system and surely love it. Quality, fit and finish are second to none! Like the other guy said, the only thing is to shave off the side panel boss and use foil tape - no big deal. Further, the Yosh head pipe doesnt have the "low boy design" which is prone to damage from crashes, rocks, ect. Just look at the new White Brothers designs - they were smart and eliminated the low boy bend. I would stay away from the carbon canister - no need! To easy to damage and the fatigue life (cracking) do to the high heat is poor compared to aluminum and ti - Yoshimura includes a chart with thier systems illustrating this fact.

Isnt the yosh trs Comp, carbon model not even a carbon exhaust? i read its just like a slip cover over aluminum but im not sure?

The pro model is a full carbon canister with ti piping.

I have a Dr. D on my "R" and it has been great, but the Yosh has great craftsmanship and is supposed to give the powerband more of a hit. The carbon fiber is unnessesary because it costs more and is more prone to damage than...say...stainless or titanium.

yes i have the 250r for offroad. I love the bike, but have spent a lot on it. I have on order or already have the following

rooster performance:

1. skid plate...................$75

2. rad guards.................$75

Yosh comp slip on...........$350

cycra handguards............$108

on the way:

clarke 3.0 gallon tank........$180

suspension mods by leigh letellier...$275

plus springs

total is appx. 1200 bucks...ouch i just figured that out, but after that i have everything i need!!

total is appx. 1200 bucks...ouch i just figured that out, but after that i have everything i need!!

i have around 2200 into my bike, but it was all worth it in the end :naughty:

i hope it's all worth it...but it should...lol

so the yoshi comp aluminum would be better in the long run than the carbon fiber?

Yes the aluminum would be better. With the carbon fiber you'd have to re-pack every few weeks. (by the way i was te250lover). This is what happens when you don't re-pack- 6 months...


in defense of the carbon fiber, the F-16 falcon (air force fighter jet) is built out of carbon fiber, as are most of our fighters. you may have just gotten a bad one, which sucks. :banghead: I'm still getting a yoshi, which one is another issue, I got time. I like the design and power increase. here in the central valley, it'd be rare :banghead:

I love the yosh pipe but i talked to yosh direct and they said it was a defect. If that happens to your carbon fiber take it back and they will re-sleve it.

Hold up...carbon yoshi will just get dented like your stock pipe. Get a Procircuit Ti-4 Exhaust...it can kick some ace :banghead:

I've crashed several times on that side and been through many a rocks and have no dents as of yet.

get the akrapovic exhaughst it ROCKS!!!!!!!

good quality and it isn't toooooo loud :lol::banghead::banghead::lol:


its nice, it is loud, but quiet when i put the spark arrestor that comes with it in.. although mine is stainless

i love the pipe, it gave me more power and a snappier feel, and alot more low end, and for $400 you cant beat it with a heater

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