Sad day - Irondude

I know Irondude very very well.

Yeah he used phrases like 'jap bike' and he bashed guys calling them 'homo apologists' and he pointed out that he was proud to be a white "european american" just as Bubba might be proud to be an "african american"

But irondude never never never never never wrote anything rascist.

No--the race card was thrown at him to ban him. It was just an excuse to get him off of here after ragging on Honda for cheating, for building a bike with a footpeg that fell off, and another one with valves that didnt work well.

Theres a reason TT wont cut and paste - even in an edited version - any so-called 'rascist' remark from Irondude. The reason is that there isnt one.

Burned (a huge Honda supporter) has gotten caught-he trumped up charges and banned a guy for his opinions.... Brian has chosen to defend him. Other moderators are not happy about the way this has played out. Theres some TT politics going on.

Bottom line is Irondude was critical of Honda, and crossed the line. For that-and that only-he is now banned from TT.

Thats pretty lame of TT...

Yes he was critical...hypocritical...he races a honda! Good guy with good input...bring him back!

you have no idea what your talking about.

caught?please.the only person that caught is irondude.

he can discuss it with owners any time he wants.if they let him back i have no problem with it.

making these accusations is totally unfounded.

im a huge suzuki supporter along with kaw,yamaha and honda.

i posted a link to the post in question in this forum and the general forum.

look like not every can see the link so heres the cut and paste.

"yep-239 lbs dry.

whats wrong with white people? I for one love the idea of 'white people'--you know--the guys who designed the F-16, discovered modern medicine, built the freeways... white culture, white values, white-ness. whats wrong with that?

You thought i meant race? Nope. Our DNA is all the same. Maybe you have some rascist guilt? White culture--or 'Euro-American' culture for you pedantic gay-apologist tree huggers.

Ever wonder why american citizens cant buy stock on the Tokyo stock market? Ever wonder why americans cant own a business in China? ever wonder why we cant own land in Mexico?

In Italy-where my bike comes from-and just up the road in Austria- the local culture is one of openness and fair trade. It feels good to me to give them $7200 for my awesome bike. They are my people. And just as you might be proud to be from Asia, I am proud to have a bike made by my people-whites. My Husky even has valves sourced right here in the USA!

No idea what kind of valve seats it has.

I own a Husky- i dont have to pull my hair out trying to re-engineer the cylinder head!

What a cluster f@#$ this CRFX site has become-pathetic really. Its amazing how many posts there are about the messed up little red bike....ever get the feeling you bought the wrong bike? Naww...of course not. Theres nothing wrong with it. Just replace the head ever 9.25 hours and its great--hey you are "Racers"....

those radioactive valve seats working out for ya?

Honda CRFX's

Bring back the XR's!!!"

Seems like an opinion to me. However, Thumpertalk isn't a democracy. I still call lame. Unfounded? Have you checked the CRF forums for the past year or so? Of course you have. Just because Honda hasn't made a blatant statement saying there is an issue doesn't mean these problems are "unfounded". Just ask all the people that the problem "found". Either way, you guys do what you have to.

like i said i could care less of his opinions on the crf.

"unfounded" was referring to accusations made toward me.not honda or the crf.

i actually tend to agree with his statements on the reliability of the 250.but thats not what this is a about.

suggesting he or others should chose one bike over another becuase of skin color is wrong.

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