hrs of use for wr400

hi i have always had 2strokes and have always done rings/piston at about 40hrs and i am looking at a wr400 in good con but the guy hasnt done any engine work for over 2 yrs but has kept up with oil often should you do piston/rings on these bikes i'm not looking for a personal promises but whats your opinion on a bike with that much usage cheers

I believe i'd pass on this one mate...

Well you are not dealing with a two stroke that needs to be rebuilt every year. I have the same bike and every year at winter time it is time for the normal winterizing and greasing and checking everything over. I have removed the cylinder every year and looks great walls in the cylinder look great. Use good oil and always clean the filter. If everyone passed on a bike that has never had engine work 98% of all bikes out there would not be bought. I would plan on buying some parts and doing a once over it depends on how the guy rode also and if he just crashed on the thing all the time. I know several people that I ride with the all have 4 strokes and one of them on a new 450wr sheared his woodruff key ........brand new bike the dealer did fix it for him but he was not to happy that day walking back to the truck it happens to the best new or old. Just my opinion I could be biased also since I have the same bike.

I have 8000 miles on my 99 400 and outside of valve adjustments (just did my fourth one) I have never done any motor work. A lot will depend how hard the bike was rode and how often the oil and filter were changed. As long as it doesn't smoke and still has good compression I would not worry about it. Personally I change my oil and filter every 500 miles and have never had to add oil to my bike.

I am a staunch believer in if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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