Is WR worth a damn on woods trails?

I also had a big problem with hand cramps. Once I eliminated refined sugar from my diet, the cramping, along with arm pump, magically disappeared. Some may have seen my thread on the YZ forum about this. Other benefits have been the loss of body fat....especially the little spare tire that had latched itself onto my midsection. My belly tummy is as flat as when I was 20 and my endurance and energy levels have soared. Our typical day to day consumption of refined sugar is mind boggling. Take a look at the label on the side of any non-diet soda can. It's killing us!

BOIT- I read your posts on refined sugar and decided to quit. It's been 3 weeks since I've had any sodas, candy, cookies, and what ever else I can elemenate. I do notice that I'm feeling better,not so tired. Havent been able to ride to see about arm pump but know I need to shed that spare tire (just wondering how much I would spend to lighten my bike 30# $$$$) I'm sure I can lose that much with out all this junk food

thank for your info BOIT


You know, I think my case is a little strange, maybe it's my riding technique, but I never have signs of arm pump, only my hands cramp up, and only at racing speeds. My personal opinion is that I get this from the stress of racing.I can trail ride all day and not have the same problem. What do you guys think?

By the way Taffy, I ordered the progrips,hopefully they will help.

Marty: I'd really like to hear how it goes when you ride again.

Dave: Yes, some guys just don't have the arm pump problem. That might be attributable to genetic factors or that maybe you have had good nutritional habits....or relaxed riding technique. Who really knows? We DO know that refined sugar impedes the muscles ability to efficiently process carbohydrates and oxygen. At any rate, count yourself lucky. Cutting out, or drastically reducing, refined sugar might help your hand cramping. It might be worth a try. In my opinion, self discipline in this area will probably spill over into other aspects of one's life. It's given me a shot of confidence and I'm getting so much accomplished lately that just got pushed to the wayside before. I'm sure much of this is mental, but it sure is working for me.. :)


have a word with 2-dad's racing. i may sound a cheapskate (which is true of course!) but he may do a set of used short triple clamps & they're not exactly the type of thing to get buckled & bruised.

you'll probably find the shorter clamps help in an identical fashion to the way it helped the 98 & 99 bikes. the 5mm off your frame should be virtually discounted.

Van Brocklin.

i only get hand cramp after having 10 pints of best the night before. i tend to hit both gate posts when i can't see where i'm going.


it's very important that if you ride after 10 pints to drink the strongest pilsner possible, it turns the sugar into alcohol.

what ever you do after this experience DON'T ride slowly past the exit gate counting your in time on your clutch fingers, i should know, my thumb caught the leader in the eye & he lost his job as a gynocologist.


Taffy: If I ever start drinking alcohol I'll keep your advice in mind. I wouldn't mind starting a second career in the ob/gyn field. Got my hands on a dandy set of British riding stirrups... :)

Allright. I rode the 2001 YZ426f last night. My decision is made. This is the most incredible bike I've ever ridden. Like the feel, love the power. Yes the gearing is too high on the YZ, but the WR will fix that.

Freaking incredible. Thanks for the input guys.

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