NEED BOLT SIZE. WR/YZ seat bracket

Anyone know the size of the 4 bolts used to attach the two brackets on the rear of the seat? I just got a WR tank/seat and my current SDG seat has studs instead of bolts.

Interesting, the manual does not show those. If no one else posts, I will check my bike tonight. My guess is they are M6 or M8 x .5 but not sure. You can check easy, if they are the same size as the Side plate mount or Rad Scoop mount they are M6, if they are the same as the Seat bolts (the ones throught side panel, seat and into frame) then they are are the M8


They are 6X1.25 standard 6mil bolts that come one the bike....

Thanks! I just picked up the bolts at lunch. The seat and tank go on tonight!

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