1995 KLX 650C/Plastic gas tank

Does anybody know if I can get a plastic gas tank for this bike. I heard Acerbi makes a 4.4 gal, but could not find it on their website. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



I've got an Acerbis 5 gallon tank with wings. I also just bought the IMS 3.3 gallon tank. They come in neutral and black only. Steny

Thanks Steny, but is it for the KLX 650C model or the R model or are you saying you have it for your Husky?

Nevermind, I just went on the IMS website and they have a 3.6 Gallon tank for my bike in black.

Do you know of any aftermarket plastics/shrouds, fenders, etc...

Well I have both a 94 and a 95 KLX 650. Long story why I have both. At any rate, call IMS on the KLX tanks. They will make you a swinging deal on them. They haven't sold any (with the exception of mine in Feb) in years. They should have 5 left in stock (I bought number 6 in Feb.). Steny

PS: Can't help you with shrouds. There expensive new from Kawasaiki and hard to find other wise. not impossible, but hard. Ebay best location there. :naughty:

Cool, I'll give them a call, thanks. Yeah I was looking at the shrouds and they run around $125.00 per side, ridiculous isnt it!

Kawasaki knows what pays. LOL Steny

I've got an Acerbis 5 gallon tank with wings. I also just bought the IMS 3.3 gallon tank. They come in neutral and black only. Steny

so Acerbis does make a 5 gallon tank for 96 KLX? I can't find it on the acerbis site or anywhere else. Is it a mod to make it fit?

:D The tank you are looking for is available from acerbis:

KLX650 :D

Model Size Years Color Price Item

KLX650 4.75 gal. 1993-1995 Green $220.00 11159103

that is the R model tank, not the C

:eek: You are correct, after calling Acerbis I checked the part# I gave out to what was in the ACERBIS tank catalog. :eek:

They discovered that the Part number that I quoted off their website was not specific to distinguish a KLX 650R from a KLX 650C, However after going back to their catalog they did have a listing for the KLX650C model in the Acerbis Tank Catalog but has been discontinued since the catalog was published.

KLX650-C3 is the C Model :D what you have

KLX650-A3 is the R model :eek: or :D


KLX 650 R 93-99 green 17 l 0001591.130.

KLX 650 C 93-97 black 19 l 0001592.090.

ONE thing to point out is that the KLX650 R tank WILL fit the bike with modifications since they are basically the same bike. :D

KLX650-C3 Tank Diagram

Going to the "R" model tank would not be practical of you have a street legal C model , live in California and wish to have it remain street legal ( IT WON"T).

The "R" Model comes with a sticker that says" manufactured for OFF ROAD USE ONLY, this would not be a problem for a street legal C model. If this is to be a Totally OFF road bike then that point won't be valuable but then sticking to the C Model tank would not make sense either then if that is so.

KLX650-A3 Tank Diagram

Changes to the bike will be switching to the vent coming out of the gas cap (must use Acerbis Cap, no more stock locking gas cap) and a tube taped to your bars, The R model uses a totally Different Petcock for fuel than the C model (unless you can retrofit the old petcock, better off just to just use the Acerbis Petcock) and the rear hold down for the tank will be a rubber strap(KLX650R,IE just like the 84-86 KLR 600) instead of one rear bolt(KLX650C). Also NOW the the Radiator shroud is now built in to the tank.

HOWEVER if you CAN find someone who still has the Acerbis # 0001592.090 on the shelf, it is a direct plastic OFF ROAD USE replacement tank for the KLX650 C Model. :D

the mounting system for the R is totally diff then the C, it wouldnt be that easy to mount it. re acerbis, 5 gal C tank, it still listed out side the US as current , so maybe?

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