Best protecting skid plate?

Anyone knows who makes that skid for the xr650r that wraps all the way up and around the front and sides of the engine?

Ive seen em in pics but cant find one.

I like xrs only skids but want to try for the most protection!



Moose Baja skid plate. The one with the holes on the sides. Mint. I have the clamp on one which I feel is sturdier but a pain to install at times. Best overall coverage though.


From Australia

The best by fffing far. Kills all other plates combined

yeah but thte shipping!

yeah but thte shipping!

hey but it works both ways!!!

I've just bought a SRC plate for mey 450R (I also have a XR628)

I've bought that much stuff from california it's not funny!!!

You're right though - Aust- US shipping is a ripoff.

I'm pretty sure Whipps sells in the US though.

I like that one too!!! and the price is right

Some one makes a really good wraparound all the way up the case guard but i cant find it anywhere...

Might "settle"" for that utah one...


src is good stuff ...........

Desmo is looking to get rid of an SRC skidplate for cheap money. Shoot him a PM. I was looking into it but I have one now. It was just for the bling factor...hmmm..

I'm the guy with the SRC one for sale.

But I won't sell it to you!

Why? It does not cover the sides well. That is why I'm selling it.

it is made very well and has only been installed once (no rides).

It is perfect for desert type stuff, but the sides do not go up high enough to protect, say if you dropped it on it's side on a piece of granite.

Anyone else want it? pm me.


But you were gonna sell it to me in the Northeast(rock capital of the nation)???? Yah bastid! Just kidding.


He specifically mentioned one that has more coverage. The SRC has less.

I mentioned this in the earlier post offering it for sale, that it does not cover the sides well.

I'd rather not sell something than have an unhappy buyer, just the way I am.

I saw your j/k, But I just wanted you to know that I was not trying to bs ya



right on scott.

i actually do mostly dez riding here in so-cal but some of the d38 races, all of the d37 races, and the annual Tecate hare scrambles have some BAD rock sections.

Thanks for the honesty!e

wish i could find the one want. I'm startin to wonder if they are one-off factory products?


It's alright Scott. Just bustin' chops. The SRC is trick looking. Way too expensive new though.

how about the CRD one?

what is CRD? pardon my ignorance...


I like the look of that Utah Sport Cycle skid plate for my 2000' XR650R. Does it utilize the existing mounting holes for the stock plate? How difficult was the installation?

The Utah Sports Cycle skid plate uses clamps instead of the existing mounting holes and its also OEM'd to other companies under. If you want a skid plate that uses the existing mounting holes, then check out the skid plate that White Brothers sells, which is what I use .

Was leaning towards the Utah plate, then learned something interesting. When on the phone with Scotts ordering my steering damper / upper triple clamp / ProTaper kit, I mentioned that their (Scotts) skid plate looks just like the Utah plate. He said Scotts simply buys and resells the Utah plate. Same price at both places. Went with the Scotts to avoid another shipping charge.

i think i'm going with devol rad guard and skid plate cuz if i get em from the TT store at least i get free shipping and the preices are pretty good too!

thanks for all the help.


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