Best protecting skid plate?

I've used Pro-Armor on quads and it was good quality, and the one they have for the 650 looks nice.

Okay back to searching for a skid, TT no longer gets em for some reason. Got the rad guards cuz i really need em.

I like that proarmor one and also Xr's only skid, 20$cheaper than proarmor!

new question-

bolt on or clamp on?

it seems that the clamp on would be lees prone to having bolts fall out and losing the plate but harder to remove for cleaning...

any suggestions?

thanks guys


You guys are all on crack.

No aftermarket skid plate required. Check out some of the factory riders and they dont have them. Seriously, what do you need it for?

1) aftermarket is heavier

2) aluminum is soft and only slightly reduces impact

3) aluminum is harder to remove for oil changes once its been beaten to hell

4) stock PE is durable (admitedly it will gouge, but so does Al)

5) stock is MUCH lighter

6) stock PE slides on rocks easer than Al

7) stock PE will reshape, but Al may remain perminently pressed into coolant res.

8) stock PE is cheeper to replace cuz aftermarket has customers sold on the idea they MUST HAVE heavy aluminum bash plates.

i might be wrong about that last one. In case im not, anyone want to sell me thier old skid plate for $1? Mine is dirty.

Oh, and that emporer guy is naked.


On the flip side, I did just bash my left crankcase cover on a rock and cracked it.

Utah Cycles

Baja Designs


All three are made by Utah Cycles. It's the same skid plate.

When I bought one for my XR400, it was cheaper to get the Baja vs the Moose.

Check the store to see if they stock it. :naughty:

P.S. I've beat the heck out of my skid plate on logs, rocks, and boulders.

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