rear shock adjustments acting strange (no dampening)

hey there

SO I've got a used 2000 xr650R set up as a street supermoto. I was tinkering around with the suspension settings trying to get it to handle the harsh braking and acceleration generated with the sticky street tires but the rear shock adjustments are acting strange.

Specifically, the upper dampening adjuster does nothing! I've backed the upper and lower damping screw settings all the way out which is undamped, ok fine. BUT If I turn the upper screw all the way back in there is no change. If I do the same to the lower screw it feels good at about 12 clicks out from all the way in and it feels like it is damping both compression AND rebound even with the upper screw all the way out! &%$#@!?

I jacked up the spring preload a bit and from the factory the spring rate is good for my weight now I just need to dial in the damping. I don't have the $$$ to send it out for a revalve although I know that's the best option for the front and rear.

any help out there? did the previous owner let the nitrogen pressure out of the shock or something?

thanks in advance TT

No Nitrogen.

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