Rekluse question

Riding "B" Super Senior and think I'm getting a little arthritis in my left hand. Yea, yea I know I'm too old to be riding but too bad going to do it anyway! Going to try a Rekluse clutch and would like to know how you guy's set RPM engagement for enduro trails. The online manual says two springs come with the clutch. Medium for wider RPM range and a medium engagement rate and a light spring for a quicker engagement or "narrow adjustment range" as it says. On the east coast we have tight, technical trails that go from sandy in the south Jersey area to rocky in the PA mountain areas. I'm going to go the extra bucks for the hand lever to disengage the clutch. I'd be scared to death without being able to over-ride the Rekluse. As a rule, do you guy's feel faster with the auto clutch? Is it hard to get use to?

Thanks in advance for your comments guy's!

I ride really tight technical trails. 42 years old. I use the light spring and it works great.

It has made me a faster more confident rider all the way around.

Install the Recluse over yoyr existing clutch plates if they are in spec. This will save a re-adjust after a few hours of the new clutch pack setting in.

I installed mine on the stock plates "4000" miles and have not had to touch it since.

500 miles on the recluse now. Have fun!


I suggest getting just the Rekluse and trying it out before ordering the override lever. It seems kind of weird at first, but you'll get used it. I've got half a season of racing on mine, and I still catch myself grabbing for a non-existant clutch lever sometimes (coming around a blind corner and spotting an "oh sh**" obstacle). But you just don't need it. The only reason I could see wanting the lever is if you just can't stand compression braking. But in that case, you should probably be riding a two smoke.

It has made me faster. No more worrying about being in the right gear and feathering the clutch perfectly in corners. It makes riding in the mud or sand so easy, its just plain cheating. Picking your way through a low speed rock garden without frying your clutch is really nice too.

The only problem you'll have is finding the perfect engagement for your riding style. I like a having a higher idle, so I ended up buying the 5 TC balls and using the heavy spring.

I got mine set up prefect with thanks to my riding buddy NCMountainman! :naughty:

I have the external overide clutch perch ( a must) heavy spring, 5 tungsten carbide balls, 25 steel balls, Reckluse oversize clutch cover. $700.00 approx retail price. Dello 400 15W40 with Two2Cool additive.

It works so well it is like cheating! Awesome feathering action you cant beat it in technical stuff! It takes a week to get used to riding at a little higher rpm and lugging the engine a little less. You also have to learn to stop pulling in the clutch as a natural reaction to the tough stuff.

I wont go back now that I have it. It is nice to have the overide when you need to pop a wheelie over a log and your rpms are on the low side. The clutch engages slower than a spring loaded stock clutch. :naughty:

as you can tell, the recluse can be set up for a lot of riding styles. i'll be 49 in a couple months and have a bit of arthur in my hands also. i'm able to ride much longer without the hand problems with the recluse. sometimes the best part is the end of the day when you realize your not near as tired as you should be. you'll miss some of the low end chugging power but the first time you're able to float through a nasty section a gear too high, you'll know it's good stuff. i use the light spring and have installed the 5 carbide balls. iv'e got the clutch over-ride set up but don't use it much. one thing to be aware of, this clutch is sensitive to the oil you use. use the chevron delo400 oil. you buy it by the gallon so change it often. an added note, the rekluse people are dedicated to their customers. they will answer any questions you have. they want you to be happy with the product.

What's the deal with the carbide balls? I've never heard of that before


They are actually tungsten carbide ball bearings, which are significantly heavier than the standard steel ball bearings. Adding TC ball bearings increases the clutch plate clamping force and may also lower the engagement point rpm a bit.

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