What to do?

I replaced my chain and sprockets over the winter and put on a new chain guide from TM Designworks. The DID 530 VM chain that I put on my 400 is so wide that it does not clear the new chain guide. What should I do? It's made out of a very tuff plastic...not sure how difficult it would be to shave some of it off. Does the Fredette chain guide offer more clearance? The OEM guide did not work either.

Does the chain not fit at all or is it tight. I have put on new guides that are tight and after a bit of riding they wear in. If it doesn't fit at all thats another issue.

Rockie, why'd you go with a 530 instead of a 520?

The chain will actually fit in the guide but there is virtually no slide when I hold it in my hand and spin the tire. My concern lies with potentially damaging the chain if I stick with this slide. I guess it's plastic and will likely wear out pretty quickly....I went with the TM because it is plastic and figured it would give a little more than an aluminum one. I went with the 530 chain primarily based on the positive feedback from this forum. I did confirm that Fredette or Moose guide is 10mm wider which is more than enough.

Thanks for the feedback guys

520 is plenty of chain! You will never need the strength of the 530 and the wear will be about the same. :naughty:

I'm also wondering about the 530 chain. My CBR900RR came with a 530 and the common upgrade is to go to a 520 kit and that's putting out 120 hp to the rear wheel.

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