White Brothers Header Pipe Problem

I just installed the White Brothers Header Pipe with the E2 series pipe on my 02 426 bike. The header and back pipe do not fit straight together in the middle, which is creating a small space. A small amount of air is coming throught this space.

Has any one had this issue with the White Brothers setup?

I called White Brothers and they suggested to use a PERMATEX High Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, which will seal the small space.

Any suggestions? Should I use this Silicone or should I try returning the header pipe?

If its a problem with the workmanship of their product, then I would want them to replace it with a good one. But if its only minor, then you could try the high temp silicone like they suggested.

Did you try to loosen the flange that holds the headpipe to the cylinder and slowly rotate the headpipe to see if you can get it to fit tighter?

I would send it back if it won't fit properly. Pipe gets dam hot! RTV glue, your crazy.

I have the same exhaust setup on my 02 YZ250F and have not had any problems with fit or air/exhaust leaks. Like Sldietz wrote loosen the nut and allen bolt holding the head pipe on and then loosen all of the mounting bolts for the E2. Then start tightening the mounting bolts from the muffler end and worked towards the headpipe. The last bolts that you tighten should be the headpipe nut and allen bolt. Permatex RTV works great for sealing up small leaks. My experience with White Brothers is that they make good stuff and stand behind their products.

I am going to try and work my way tightening the bolts as you have mentioned from the back pipe and then tighten the header pipe, which I think that I have done already. I may not be able to return it at this point, so I the Permatex will be my last option.

Thanks for the info.

Was this bought as a full system or did you already have the E2? One may be slightly bent but doubtful

My Alum Race Series has a small gap - not noticeable for any leaks and I use the High Temp Gasket Stuff without any issues for a complete seal.

Also if your subframe is slightly bent left or right that will throw it off.

Otherwise send it back for a complete replacement - :naughty:

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