WR exhaust

Hey guy's I enjoy this forum very much. I am looking for a little advise. I have a 2001 WR426 and I would like to change the exhaust. I ride on private property so the louder the better. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

FMF Powercore IV 2 on mine. Great pipe for the WR426.

watch ebay for YZF pipes....I have one on my wr250...works nice..

Watch for a FMF PowerCore IV on e-bay. I just installed mine and it rocks. Plus, it is not too loud to my humble opinion (and my neighboor's :naughty: ).

Then, I hear the White Bros E-series are really hot too. I often see em on e-bay too.

Any pipe that matches a YZ426f will fit on your WR including the stock one. The latter might be a good and cheap choice.

I have a 2002 WR 426 and the YZ pipe works great!

Thanks all. It looks like I am e-bay bound

I bought my fmf powercore 4 off of ebay. If you like loud, it should do the trick. I'm worried about the ranger hassling me about it... Rev it up, kids will cry and old people will wet themselves.

I have a GYTR system that I do not like because of how loud it is. I will let you have that for $125.00 plus shipping.

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