Cali guys, need Rose Bowl advice

You should save your money, the Oregon Ducks are going to win. PAC 10 RULES

Well it looks like my Boilermakers are going to the Rose Bowl. I am in the process of making plans to get out there for the game.

Problem is, I know nothing about where the Rose Bowl is located. Anyone have advice on the best places to stay, what to do while out there, places to party...etc.

I'll be out there with a few other college buddies. Not looking for places to pick up babes as we are all married and severley out of practice anyway :)


Should have all the info you need. Just don't tell anyone about the bitchn weather out here that time of year. It too crowded already...

Good luck on the game.

From one Big 10 alumni (U of Iowa) to another - Congrats!!


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Sorry to take so long to get back to you but been out for a while. I didn't follow the Boilermakers this weekend so don't know if they are still in the hunt but will give the info anyway.

First, if you do come out its mandatory that we hook up for a beer or four. Also, I will be happy to go over this stuff in more detail on the phone but here are the basics.

If you are coming to LA and the Rosebowl you probably want to stay in Pasadena and/or West LA or Santa Monica. Depending on how long you are here, a combination of both places may be good.

The Rosebowl is in Pasadena. Pasadena is a very cool place with things to do. You could probably stay in Pasadena, catch the Rose Parade in the morning (may or may not want tickets) and walk to the Rosebowl. You may be walking a few miles but with traffic at that event that's still probably faster.

The downsides to Pasadena are that its not that centrally located for going to other parts of LA and more than 2 days is probably too much. Most stuff that you would do (other than Rosebowl stuff) would probably be in West LA, which is 20 miles from Pasadena which is 30 min minimum, more like 45 to 60 min, longer on Rosebowl day.

West LA and Santa Monica are also good places to stay. Lots of things to do and good access to other areas.

If you need more info give me a call or e-mail and I'll hook you up.


Thanks Harold,

I will probably give you a call depending on next Saturday's outcome. Win and they go.

I'm tempted to get airline tics anyway and come out win or lose. Can't hurt to party in LA for New Years.

We will definately hook up if I come out.

GO DAWGS! Those Ducks shouldn't count their web feet before they learn to paddle. I do agree with one thing though...Pac10 does rule!

Former COUG comin at ya!!!!!

All I have to say is.....DDDDOOOOUUUUGGGHHH!


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